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Global Reformers is the apostolic family or house joined and aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson. The ultimate purpose of this aligning is to “Secure Nation’s Destinies From The Court Of Heaven.” This understanding of the Court System of Heaven is radically shaping the church’s awareness of how the spirit realm works. We are recognizing that it is the job of us individually but also as the corporate people of God (Ecclesia) to grant God as Judge the legal right to fulfill His purpose in the earth. The thing that has hindered the fullest manifestation of the kingdom of God in the earth is the satanic realm still is holding nations under their influence because we as the church have yet to enforce and execute into place the finished works of the cross. This occurs from “The Courts of Heaven”.

Expanding the vision...

Global Reformers has come out of the heart of God. The thing that makes it significant is there is a book in heaven written about it. This means it has a kingdom purpose. It is up to each person to discern if this is an apostolic connection they are called to. All will not be called to this connection, but some will. We envision this to be a family that is a part of accomplishing kingdom purpose in today’s world. If you are called to help “Disciple Nations” and “Secure Nations Destinies From The Courts Of Heaven” this might be an alignment for you. We are praying for you as you discern God’s will for your life, family, ministry and/or business.

Where we are headed...

In addition to the corporate purpose of Global Reformers to be a part of accomplishing the mandate just stated, it is necessary that we as individual ministries, business owners and kingdom people be empowered for our kingdom purpose. The mandate stated, will not occur without each of us stepping into a fuller expression of what we were made for. Global Reformers is therefore committed to empowering those who are aligned with Apostle Robert Henderson. Alignment is a critical spiritual mystery. Ephesians 4: 11-12 tells us the Lord gave five apostolic gifts to the church to equip or align it. The word “kartartismos” is the word equipping in the Greek. It’s best translation is to align. The result of alignment is empowerment. Through alignment with Global Reformers we are seeing people empowered for their kingdom purpose and assignment.

Fundamentals of a Global Reformer

  1. Empowerment for our kingdom purpose happens through at least four distinct ways. First we cannot underestimate the significance of the principle of alignment. Ephesians 4:11-12 states that the five fold ministry gifts are to be “kartartismos” with. This is the Greek work that is translated “equipping.” It means among other things to be aligned. One of the pictures is of things coming back into place after they have been out of joint. When things come into place, body parts that have not been able to function are suddenly re-empowered. Apostle Robert has experienced this first hand. When he became aligned with Peter Wagner, Dutch Sheets, John Kelly and his apostle which mentored him, James Walker new dimensions of anointing and authority began to flow through him. His life began to have new impact in the kingdom of God. He began to “carry” another level of spiritual authority. He believes that because the Lord is calling him to formalize Global Reformers that those who “align” will experience this as well.

2. A second way we will experience empowerment for our kingdom purpose is through this connection with Apostle Robert Henderson. There are many apostolic networks today. We choose to use the term “family or house”. Global Reformers is “a house” in the spirit realm. As God aligns people with Global Reformers, we continue to grow into a house or family connected together. The result is a recognized place in the Courts of Heaven. God grants governmental authority to “houses or families” that are joined in the realm of the spirit.

3. A third thing that will allow those joined to Global Reformers to be empowered is a connection with every other person in this alignment. If we are to impact the nations we must be joined together as “God’s Governing Family.” It is the connecting of lives together under apostolic alignment that empowers us to accomplish great things in the Courts of Heaven. The more we become family, the more authority we will carry individually and corporately.

4. A fourth way empowerment will manifest is yearly gatherings of the entire house or family. There are also regional HUB gathering throughout the year called “Summits”. In these gatherings we will fellowship, share, instruct, discern kingdom assignments and do business in the Courts of Heaven over cities, States, regions and nations. These will be very strategic time as we come together as His Ecclesia to operate as an expression of His government.

5. A fifth means of empowerment will be the releasing of fresh revelation. One of the mantles on Apostle Robert is the ability to receive and communicate fresh revelation from the Lord. Dr. C. Peter Wagner stated that Apostle Robert is able to “take the complex and make it simple.” This means there is an anointing to bring revelation that is applicable so our lives can be empowered with fresh truths from the Throne of God. Other people of revelation will also be brought in to release the revelation they have been given as well. Revelation is essential to building a house.

To become a Global Reformer...


Global Reformers must be apostolic in their thinking and purpose. They must have a heart to expand the kingdom of God into varying sectors of life.


Global Reformers must have a heart to disciple nations.


Global Reformers should have some understanding of and agree with the concepts of “Operating In The Courts of Heaven.”

To become a Global Reformer...


Global Reformers should have a heart for relationships with Apostle Robert Henderson and others that are a part of the network.


Global Reformers must understand the necessity of finances in creating proper alignments in the Spirit realm. They should sow into the ministry as they feel led.


Global Reformers should speak well of each other and any and all leadership. Should there be an issue of contention or disagreement a biblical standard of resolution should be applied.

To become a Global Reformer...


Global Reformers should attend as many gathering as possible for fellowship and receiving and giving impartation..


Realizing that apostolic people can have several alignments, this is encouraged and celebrated.